Shrewd Optum Scope (29mm)

Shrewd Optum Scope (29mm)

Item # 1034478 | Catalog Page # 168


  • The 29mm Optum packs all the features a shooter could need into a small, efficient, and lightweight package 
  • The ORS or Optum Ring System is a removable ring system that offers eight pin positions and lets the shooter swap between pin sizes and fiber colors in seconds 
  • Adjustable rheostat fiber covers offer complete control over ambient lighting 8-32 threaded holes allow an electronic light kit to illuminate the fiber and pin 
  • An angled 8-32 threaded light port enables the user to shine a light on the center of the lens 
  • Lens housing for the 29mm Optum scope (sold separately) 
  • Accepts lenses from 1.25” to 1.35” in diameter (does not include a lens) 
  • Fiber bypass slots in the ring system permit fiber to wrap around the scope completely in order to collect more natural light 
  • Interchangeable levels let users swap between different colors to best suit their needs 
  • Threads on either end of the scope accept a variety of sunshades and lenses for even further customization 
  • Made in the USA 

Each scope kit includes: 

  • 29mm Optum scope body 
  • Optum Ring System (choice of .010", .015", .019", .029", .039", or No Pin) 
  • 10-32 button head cap screws (1.25”, 2”, and 2.5” lengths) 
  • Green, red, and blue levels 
  • 1/16” hex key 
  • Green, orange, and blue fiber (if a pin option is chosen)